Peer Supporters

If you have breastfed or are currently breastfeeding could you help other mums and be a breastfeeding peer supporter? 

The training runs over a 6 week period (averaging 2 hours once a week) and will give you the skills to enable you to befriend and mentor mums in the local community who are breastfeeding and may be in the need of support and a friendly word to help them keep going.  Someone who has "been there done that" can make all the difference! You will also be able to positively promote breastfeeding in and around your local community.

You will learn:

  • How the body works so we can breastfeed
  • Benefits of breastfeeding and dispelling the myths
  • Positionning and attachment
  • Hand expression
  • Potential problems and how to over them
  • Top tips to encourage a mum and how to boost confidence

                       Claire's Story (Peer Supporter, Crewe)

                               14.05.12 Claire Clulow PS 

(Above:  Claire receiving her Cherubs Peer Supporter Certificate from The Brooks Children Centre Manager Lyn Carter)

I'm Claire, 43 and mum of 6.  My youngest, Cian, aged 9 months was born with tongue tie. He was feeding well but quite frequently so much so I was weary with tiredness and very sore.  When I visited Cherubs at the Oak Tree Children's Centre, the support workers Debbie and Sue were fantastic.  They made a referral for Cian to have a tongue snip at the Countess Of Chester Hospital in Chester and once it was done his feeding improved greatly.  I got a lot more rest and he gained weight faster than any of my other children did when they breast or bottle fed.  I was so overwhelmed with the support and enthusiasm which I received at Cherubs that I decided that I would like to help others with breast feeding.  When the opportunity to become a peer supporter came up, I jumped at the chance, completed the training and now I'm looking forward to helping and supporting new mums at the Oak Tree Children's Centre and at Leighton Hospital in the very near future!



Cheshire East Residents only:

Cherubs Helpline     (9am - 5pm Mon - Fri):  03001234579

Leighton Hospital Crewe: 01270 612287

Macclesfield District General Hospital: 01625 661153



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