My story – real parent’s experiences


Katrina's Story, 32 (mum to Harry, 5 months)

"After learning about about all the benefits of breastfeeding I was really keen to do it.  After the labour Harry soon found the where the food was!  He latched well and enjoyed his first feed. He's a very happy baby and I am convinced it is because of my breastmilk!"  


Mel's Story, 22 (mum to Beth, 6 months)

"I always wanted to breastfeed as I knew of the benefits and knew it would be the best thing I could do for my little girl.  I had a great network of support both in and out of hospital so knew I had someone to turn to if I had any issues.  I love the community Cherubs groups, it is lovely to meet and mix with other mums who are breastfeeding too!"


Nathasha's Story, 36 (mum to Megan, 2)

"I never intended to breastfeed at all but Megs was such a natural at it I changed my mind! I am really proud to be able to say that I gave my child the best possible start. The labour was not an easy time but to have this beautiful baby at the end was amazing and she seemed to know more about breastfeeding than me!  Never be afraid to just follow your baby's cues even if you didn't plan on feeding this way - trust me, it can work out for the best"


Hannah's Story, 30 (mum to Seth, 5 weeks)

"Seth is my first baby but I always knew I wanted to breastfeed as my mother had breastfed me.  After having a c-section as he was breach I did think I may have problems getting him to feed but he latched and fed really well.  A peer supporter came to see me in hospital and I had a few home visits from the Cherubs Breastfeeding Support Worker, who was amazing".


Lesley's Story, 42 (mum to Lucy, 6 months)

"I breastfed my first child, Tom, so knew I wanted to feed Lucy this way.  I had very different experiences with both babies but there is definitely more support available now.  Breastfeeding is so convenient and so much easier than having to sterilise all those bottles!  I also quickly lost weight both times.  I think breastmilk is amazing and so good for baby.  I did suffer with a blocked milk duct but that was soon sorted out at the doctors surgery and I have continued to feed Lucy"

And the Partner's..

"I was so pleased when my wife said she wanted to breastfeed; I thought it was the natural thing to do. From what I had heard, I knew it was the best start in life for my children and would make them strong. I am very proud of my wife and how she has nurtured our children. I didn't think it would go on for so long but I see how happy it has made them."  Pete (dad of four, the youngest two tandem fed)



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