Breastfeeding Twins - A mother's story

Anna's Story - Mum of twins

"I didn't buy any baby bottles, formula or sterilising equipment whilst I was pregnant as I was determined to breastfeed the twins I was expecting.  I knew this was best for them, best for me (I could eat a whole tub of ice cream for lunch if I wanted with the amount of calories this would burn off!) and pretty much free!  

On day 6 after the birth (following several issues with staff about formula feeding) I was given a truly brilliant midwife who understood and knew about breastfeeding multiples.  She showed me how to hold them in the rugby hold; how to settle myself on the bed with the pillows, pick them up, get one latched on and then move the other one into position.

That particular midwife also taught me how to manage once we left - and that is the trick - breastfeeding needs to be taught.  Although it may be natural it isn't innate - women don't always automatically know how to breastfeed.  Feeding a baby this way is a skill and like any skill it needs to be practiced.

I mix-fed them until they were 6 months old and included expressing (which I really enjoyed!) to be fed from a bottle.

Here are my top tips for breastfeeding:

  • Go to a breastfeeding support group and/or workshop whilst you are pregnant - you can learn so much from them
  • Buy a breastfeeding pillow and take it into hospital to use from the beginning
  • Search for a good breastpump - expessing your milk gives you some time to yourself and means dad can help out with feeds too
  • If you do have twins and one wakes for a feed - feed them both - it is much easier in the long run

I would always say give breastfeeding a go, you'll feel better and will be safe in the knowledge that you are providing your baby - or babies - with the best possible start."

For further information visit TAMBA

You may also like to join the Local Cheshire East Twins Support Group, find them on facebook under Nantwich twins and More..


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