UNICEF Accreditation

Cherubs made a major contribution to the Trust’s re-accreditation as Baby Friendly, exceeding the required standards in 92% of criteria. 83% of mothers interviewed as part of the process stated that they were very happy with the care they received and had no complaints with no mothers stating that they were unhappy with the care. UNICEF recognised excellent leadership for the service, the strong passion of the infant feeding lead and Cherubs team and the strength of collaborative working with hospital infant feeding teams and via the Breastfeeding Project Group. Other achievements are the work with staff and prisoners at Styal prison and the provision of the grandparents ante-natal workshop. Cherubs played a significant role in increasing breastfeeding rates across Cheshire East over the last 2-3 years. In 2013/14 less than 70% of mums breastfed at initiation. By 2014/15 this had increased to 74%. Similarly in 2012/13 less than 40% of mums breastfed at 6-8 weeks, this increased to 45% by 2014/15. This has been achieved via the establishment of the peer support network, online and social media resources and commitment of key partners via a co-ordinated, multi-agency approach to increasing breastfeeding.

In July 2016 Wirral Community NHS Trust achieved the highest level of accreditation under the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative. UNICEF praised the service for its innovative work to train staff and long term prisoners at Styal prison in breastfeeding support and also the introduction of a ‘grandparents in the know’ ante-natal workshop. It recognised the successful peer support training programme which has resulted in 21 peer supporters throughout the Borough. This programme has already helped one peer supporter into full time employment as a Breastfeeding Support Worker. Service users play a vital role in the development and delivery of the service, co-ordinating the Breastfeeding Facebook page and are represented on the multi-agency Breastfeeding Project Support Group which also includes Family Support Workers, Maternity services, GPs and Environmental Health. Cherubs were also successful in winning funding from the Clinical Innovation Fund earlier this year run by Wirral’s 0-19 service which provided 10 new double electric breasts pumps to be used in supporting mothers where there is a clinical need for them to express milk for their babies.


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