Cheshire Sanctury for Breastfeeding Mums

Helen Wilkinson offers a holistic haven for new mums to receive "Inner Calm" through Reflexology or Reiki treatments with their new born.  "Inner Calm" which is based in Macclesfield as part of Trinity House Practice on Cumberland Street, has been awarded the Cherubs Charter in support of breastfeeding women and was presented with the certificate by Sue Linnell, Infant Feeding Co-ordinator and Rachael Nicholls from Central and Eastern Cheshire PCT.

Often mothers are still recovering from the effects of giving birth and spending all their time and energy with their new little miracle.  Receiving a Reflexology or Reiki treatment can be an enjoyable and deeply relaxing experience which can have a multitude of positive effects for both mum and baby - just like breastfeeding!

Helen is a Reflexologist and Reiki Master/Teacher and has added another string to her bow by completing her peer supporter for breastfeeding. 

For free advice and information contact Helen on 07877 019 199 or visit 


Cheshire East Residents only:

Cherubs Helpline     (9am - 5pm Mon - Fri):  03001234579

Leighton Hospital Crewe: 01270 612287

Macclesfield District General Hospital: 01625 661153



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