Why Breastmilk

Breastmilk is both food and drink for baby - there is no need for anything else for the first 6 months of life (World Health Organisation Global Strategy for Infant Feeding, 2003).  

Breastmilk - THE LIVING FOOD:  

There are over a hundred ingredients in breastmilk that formula cannot duplicate. Breastmilk contains live constituents that cannot be replicated - the list below compares just some of the constituents of breastmilk with those found in formula.

FORMULA                              Vs                               BREASTMILK

                                                                * White Cells

                                                                * Enzymes

                                                                * Bifidus Factor

                                                                * Hormones

                                                                * Anti-inflammatory molecules

                                                                * Nucleotides

                                                                * Transfer Factors

* Vitamins                                                 * Vitamins

* Fat                                                         * Fat

* Carbohydrates                                        * Carbohydrates

* Protein                                                    * Protein

* Water                                                     * Water

The ingredients in breastmilk provide protection for baby as well as supporting growth and development, here's how they do it!

  • Transfer factors help with absorption
  • Enzymes aid digestion and destroy bacteria
  • White cells destroy bacteria
  • Nucleotides help with cell repair
  • Bifidus factor creates an acidic pH in the gut, discouraging bacterial growth
  • Hormones support baby's immature endocrine system
  • Anti-inflammatory molecules reduce inflammation in the baby's gut                                                    



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