Benefits - for baby and you

The wonders of colostrum” that first milk

Colostrum is the first milk which will come through following the birth of your baby.  It is concentrated nutrition which is low in fat, high in protein and carbohydrates and contains high levels of antibodies that protect particularly the lungs, throat and intestines.  Colostrum is easy to digest, seals your newborns intestines and also has a laxative effect which helps your baby pass his first bowel movements.

Benefits for You:

  • It helps to build a bond between you and your baby

  • It reduces the chance of developing some cancers such as ovarian and breast

  • It reduces the chance of developing osteoporosis

  • Also more research is needed but it may provide protection against Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • It burns around 500Kcals a day!

Benefits for Baby:

  • Reduces risk of ear, chest and urine infections

  • Reduces risk of diabetes

  • Reduces risk of asthma and food allergies

  • Reduces risk of eczema

  • Reduces risk of Childhood Leukaemia

  • Reduces risk of Cot Death

  • Reduces rick of Gastro-intestinal infection

  • Reduces rick of Necrotising Enterocolitis

  • Reduces risk of Urinary Tract Infections

  • Reduces chance of obesity in life

  • Increases brain development with increased cognitive scores

Benefits for Plant Earth:

  • Healthier Babies – Means less admissions to hospital, saving the NHS money

  • Less waste – to landfills, a plastic bottle can tack between 200-450 years to degrade

  • Less production of packaging – for every 3 million babies fed 450 million tins are produced











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